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How to submit a ticket for my question You can ask a question to our support by submitting a ticket. This short guide will tell you how to do this. 1. JUST PRESS \"SUBMIT A TICKET\" (SEE 1 AND 2) 2. SELECT A DEPARTMENT. Choose between: Suppo...
HAVE YOU SEND US A QUESTION AND DID NOT RECEIVED AN ANSWER? It could be possible that the email message we send you ended up as junk/spam in your email account. Please look in your junk/spam folder and approve our messages and email address. Than you wi...
We are a webshop only. Great thing is we are open 24/7, you can order on any time of the day and we ship to your house ! Do you want to pick up your order, instead of having it shipped, give us a call first and we make sure your order is ready.
Please let us know all about your experience with the products you ordered. Happy with our service or dissatisfied with a product? Let us know! REVIEW TIME: Submit a review directly on our website [
I WROTE A REVIEW AND WAS OFFERED A DISCOUNTCODE. WHEN WILL IT BE ACTIVE? * Reviews are updated every week and so will the dicount codes. Send us a message with the discount code and we can activate it directly
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